Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost for creating a user profile?

Absolutely not - user profiles are completely free - the only cost is for the purchase of Smart-Tags and, if required, SMS credits.

What is the life span of a Smart-Tag?

Smart-Tags never expire and there is NO ongoing cost.

Can I register and create a profile in advance of receiving tags?

Yes, you can create a basic user profile in advance and then add tag information after activating the tags. Note that the profile is not 'live' until at least one tag has been activated. Simply click on create a user profile on the home page and create your Smart-Tags user profile.

How do I activate a tag?

Simply click on the green 'activate a tag' link on the home page. If you've already created a user profile you can log-in and activate your new tag. You will need to enter each of your tag IDs, together with their associated activation codes, followed by your 'contact' details. Contact details will be the same for each tag and notifications of any 'found' tags will always be sent to your personal email address, mobile phone (if SMS credits purchased) and to an alternate email address if this has been specified in your main profile.

What information can I 'attach' to my Smart-Tag?

Each individual Smart-Tag can have specific information attached to it (up to a maximum of 2,000 characters). The system will not allow any 'code' (such as hyperlinks) to be added to specific information in order to prevent against possible virus infestation. All generic information relating to the tag owner (name, email, telephone, etc) is ONLY displayed if it is implicitly approved by the tag owner via the individual tag management option(s).

Can I add my travel itinerary to my Smart-Tag?

Certainly! Each Smart-Tag has its own unique code, and you can add whatever information you like to the individual information section for each tag. With a generous allowance of 2,000 characters you can easily add details of your flights and dates, hotel details, etc.

How often can I change the information on my Smart-Tag(s)?

Quite simply ... as often as you like! Business travellers find this really useful - every time they set off on a new trip they update the information for the Smart-Tag(s) attached to their luggage with their latest flight details, hotel information, etc.

What happens when a lost tag is found?

The finder can either use a smartphone to scan the QR code, or on a PC/laptop type the website link printed on the tag into a web-browser. They will be connected directly to the website page with your contact details for that tag and given the option to send you a secure message - you will receive this to the email address of your profile (as well as your alternate email address if provided) and, if SMS credits have been purchased, as a text message to your mobile. Your personal details (name, address, telephone, email) are ONLY revealed if you have specifically approved any or all of that information for each individual tag!

Why would I want SMS credits?

The quickest way to be alerted if your tag has been scanned is via SMS messaging. Whilst email alerts are sent immediately it may take a little while before an alert arrives in your 'inbox' whilst a text message, that is also sent immediately, will normally arrive on your mobile device immediately. SMS credits are not expensive - currently just £1.50 (approx € 1.95 / $2.25) for a block of 10 credits. All new profiles get a single SMS credit free-of-charge so it can be used for testing.

How many SMS credits get used when a message is sent?

This depends on the length of the message and the country in which your mobile network is located. As a guideline a message will consume approximately 160 characters per SMS credit for the UK and approximately 80 characters per SMS credit for other countries. If a message is, for example, 200 characters long it will consume 2 SMS credits for a UK mobile and 4 SMS credits for any other country.

Can I purchase tags for a friend/relative?

Of course - when an order is placed the tags that are sent to the customer are not associated with a user profile. Your friend or relative will have to create a user profile before they can activate their tags.

How does your passport reminder work?

It's simple - you enter the expiry date of your passport into your profile and we'll send you a courtesy email 9 months before your passport is due to expire, with a further email 8 months prior and a final email 7 months prior. This is a complimentary service from Smart-Tags.

Is my data secure?

All data is stored in a secure environment using SSL encryption - you will see the padlock symbol in the address bar of all related pages on the web site.

How is a Smart-Tag better than a traditional luggage tag on my bags?

It's never been a good idea to attach and expose your home address to your luggage; security firms strongly advise that you should never do that. Doing so essentially means you're alerting potential thieves to the fact that your home could well be vacant and a prime opportunity for burglary!

What about the tag that airlines put on my baggage?

All that the airline tags do is enable the computerised baggage systems to identify what flight you're on. OK, so perhaps if the airline loses your bag they'll manage to trace you via your booking details, but that's rare and will take time. Airline paper tags can easily get ripped off and they are of no real use when it comes to identifying your suitcase on an airport carousel - unlike a bright orange Smart-Tag!

Should I put a Smart-Tag on my carry-on items?

Yes, of course! Any items that aren't checked-in by the airline are even more prone to total loss. If you leave a carry-on item in the terminal building or in the overhead bin (or under a seat!) of an aircraft, the only real way of getting it back is to go through the arduous process of trying to contact Lost & Found departments at airports or airlines. A Smart-Tag makes the whole process of recovering your lost items so much easier and quicker.

I've been travelling for years and never lost my baggage, why should I be worried?!

Lucky you! However, our research indicates that anything between 30 and 50 MILLION pieces of luggage go missing each year around the world, with some 10% to 15% never being recovered. Why take that chance? You may have been lucky so far, but will your luck run out? Hopefully not if you use Smart-Tags!
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