About Smart-Tags

Smart-Tags are advanced, web and QR code enabled luggage, property and key tags. They're strong, durable and weatherproof - and GREAT value for money!

Millions and millions of bags are lost or misdirected by airlines EVERY SINGLE YEAR - some owners never see their luggage again! Protect your luggage, keys and other valuables with Smart-Tags and get peace-of-mind whenever and wherever you travel.

Smart-Tags are advanced, web and QR code enabled luggage tags, keys tags and property tags. They can be read using a QR code reader on a smartphone or by going to the Smart-Tags web site and entering the tag's unique ID. Each tag has a unique fingerprint embedded in the QR code, as well as being displayed as an alpha code for access via the Smart-Tags web site.

Smart-Tags currently available are Smart-Tags Luggage Tag and Smart-Tags Key Tag. Unlike similar products which are made from laminated, synthetic material, Smart-Tags are made from 760micron plastic (the same as credit cards) - they're strong, durable and weatherproof. They're also the same size as a credit card, so you can put a Smart-Tag in your wallet in case of loss!

Test a tag for yourself - click here to view a dummy tag where you can scan the QR code or get the tag ID to enter it onto our EU site.

If you'd like to see how a Smart-Tags works just click on the image to the right  where you'll be presented with a sample tag to scan the QR code or enter the tag ID onto the tag find function on our EU site.
Smart-Tags NEVER expire and there is NO ongoing cost
Smart-Tags owners can add as little or as much information to each tag as they wish - a contact number, an email address, travel itinerary, whatever, wherever and whenever they choose. All they need to is log into their account on the Smart-Tags portal. All information is protected by encryption and an SSl certificate.
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