Smart-Tags - advanced, web and QR code enabled luggage, key and property tags - strong, durable, weatherproof.

All tags have unique fingerprints, need no batteries, never expire and have no ongoing costs.

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Executive Tag

Our matt black executive tags are not only 'smart' but have been styled to look smart on top-end luggage!
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High-Vis Tag

Our high-vis orange tags aid in quick and foolproof identification of your luggage
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Smart-Tags - advanced web and QR code enabled luggage, key and property tags

They're strong, durable and weatherproof - and GREAT value for money! They can be read using a QR code reader on a smartphone or by going to the Smart-Tags web site and entering the tag's unique ID. Each tag has a unique fingerprint embedded in the QR code, as well as being displayed as an alpha code for access via the Smart-Tags web site.

Unlike similar products from laminated, synthetic material, Smart-Tags are made from 760micron plastic (the same as credit cards) which makes them strong, durable and weatherproof.

Smart-Tag owners can add as little or as much information to each tag when they wish and as oftenas they wish - all they need to do is log in to their account on the secure Smart-Tags web site

Millions and millions of bags are lost or misdirected by airlines EVERY SINGLE YEAR - some owners never see their luggage again! Protect your luggage, keys and other valuables with Smart-Tags and get peace-of-mind whenever and wherever you travel.

Our high visibility Orange Smart-Tags aid in quick and foolproof identification of your luggage. It is not unknown for someone with the same type of suitcase to walk off with another's by mistake; the bright orange Smart-Tag hanging from your case should ensure this does not happen to you! Also, spotting that bright orange tag on the baggage carousel means you'll spot your own luggage much more easily.

For those who want a more discrete tag for their luggage we have Smart-Tags Black Edition - a subtle matt black tag that will look great on even the most expensive luggage!
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